Should political party leaders be allowed to control politicians in their party?

OTTAWA — In the past, they’ve pushed to abolish capital punishment in Canada, they’ve won for wives the right to secure a divorce from their husbands and, more recently, they’ve reopened aspects of the abortion debate.

So, are Parliament’s backbench politicians really just the malleable, milquetoast political pawns they’re often described as?

If you had read a recent interview with Joan Crockatt, who will run as the federal Conservative candidate in Calgary Centre in the coming months, you might think so. She told the Globe and Mail: “If I’m a backbench MP, I’m just fine doing that. To me, the job is to support the prime minister in whatever way that he thinks.”

But if you had followed the recent political agenda of Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, you might think differently.

Click here to read the entire Postmedia News article by Natalie Stechyson (September 23, 2021).

Should a new Canadian Constitution restrict the power of political party leaders to control politicians in their party? You can send a letter letting key politicians across Canada know what you think HERE.