Is the federal Conservatives’ monarchy inheritance bill unconstitutional? If Canada is independent of the UK, why was the Governor General consulted on the bill, but not provincial governments?

The federal government is hoping for speedy and painless delivery of its bill to change the gender rules for royal succession, but there are some complicating constitutional factors that could slow things down.

But a nagging question lurks: Does changing the rules governing the monarchy amount to changing the Canadian Constitution in a fundamental way?

Some believe it does, which makes Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hope for quick passage more of a high-risk procedure in that it might set a precedent in by-passing the provinces on an amendment that some feel requires provincial consent.

Click here to read the entire CBC News article by Janyce McGregor (January 28, 2021).

For more details, including about how the Conservatives consulted with the Governor General (but not the provinces) before introducing the bill, click here and click here.

Instead of making small changes to the monarchy inheritance process, should a new Canadian Constitution recognize historical ties to the British monarchy and Commonwealth but end the monarchy’s role in Canadian governments (as a majority of Canadians want) at the time of succession from the Queen to the next monarch? You can send a letter letting key politicians across Canada know what you think HERE.