Could the federal government offering to change to a Canadian head of state (as a majority of Canadians want) be the key to having Quebec sign on to the Canadian Constitution?

New Quebec Liberal leader Phillippe Couillard wants Quebec to negotiate signing on to the Constitution by 2017 — See full article here.

Former federal Liberal Cabinet minister Martin Cauchon agrees that Quebec should negotiating signing on to the Constitution — See full article here.

A survey commissioned by the International Association of Quebec Studies and conducted by Léger Marketing in March 2012 of 2,039 Canadians found that 71% of people in Quebec (and just under 50% in the rest of Canada) believe the Quebec government should propose changes to Canada’s Constitution, and more than 40% think it is important that the Quebec government did not patriate Canada’s Constitution in 1982.

A survey in May 2011 of just over 1,000 Canadians conducted by Harris-Decima for Canadian Press found that 58% were open to constitutional changes to convince Quebec to ratify the Constitution. See the survey here.

As an offer in negotiations with Quebec to sign on to the Constitution, should a new Canadian Constitution recognize historical ties to the British monarchy and Commonwealth but end the monarchy’s role in Canadian governments by establishing a Canadian head of state (as a majority of Canadians want)? You can send a letter letting key politicians across Canada know what you think HERE.