Canadian unity could be helped by removing British monarchy as head of Canada

Letter to the Editor by Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Your Canada, Your Constitution, August 10, 2021

A national survey conducted in May found that 52 percent of Canadians want the monarchy removed as head of Canada (including 76 percent of people of Quebec — which is likely why Pauline Marois is highlighting this issue in the Quebec election).

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  • The survey also showed that support for this change among people younger than 34 is much higher (57%) than among people older than 35 (50%).

    These results are consistent with survey results over the past five years or so.

    The question is, will politicians across the country respond to these survey results and make changes in this area as a majority of Canadians want.

    Making this change does not mean cutting all ties with the monarchy — 38 countries have changed their constitutions to remove the monarchy as the head of their countries but they are still members of the Commonwealth.

    This letter appeared in the Globe and Mail and StarPhoenix.