Bruce H. Moore


Bruce H. Moore is President, People Centered Development. Mr. Moore serves on the Board of Directors of the North South Institute, a global think tank; and, the Forum on Democratic Global Governance. He is a member of Transparency International; and, Your Canada -Your Constitution. As a senior United Nations official, 1998-2008, he was the Director of the Rome based International Land Coalition, an alliance of UN, civil society, and multilateral organizations promoting pro-poor land rights. He is a member of the Advisory Boards of the McGill University, Institute for Global Food Security and the Huairou Commission, a global women’s network; and, a member of the Food Security Policy Group. His civil society career included 10 years as the Director of Partners in Rural Development. He chaired the NGO advisory committee to the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development; served on the international executive of the Society for International Development; been an advisor to the European Commission, FAO, African Union, Asian Development Bank, and World Bank. He has chaired a number of high-level policy dialogues during the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and served on the Commission on the Legal Empowerment of the Poor.